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     First organized in 1915, Dublin Fire company consisted of just a chemical wagon and cans donated by the Doylestown Fire Company. By 1920, the first motorized apparatus was purchased; a Ford Hale Triple Combination Pumper, which was in service until 1930. The following year, Dublin Fire Co. purchased an International Chemical and Hose Truck.

     A plan drawn out for a new firehouse by the borough in 1922, and land was purchased on Maple Avenue, near the center of town. In July of that year, twelve members voted to construct the 35’ by 75’ one-story concrete block building. At midnight on New Years Eve, in 1924, the siren sounded for the first time. The firehouse was then dedicated at a public service on May 31, 1924. The total cost of the land and building was only $7,200. The company also purchased a used Simplex Pumper from Royersford Fire Co. for $500 that same year.

     In 1932, the Company purchased a new Quadruple Pumper for $7,500. That year, Chief Crouthamel reported 31 fires, 17 of which being barn fires. A few years later, in 1938, the company purchased an emergency scene lighting system for fire scenes. The company also came home proud, winning the best-equipped truck prize in the Sellersville parade that year.

     In 1943 a community ambulance service was established free to all the residents. The first ambulance was a 1941 Chrysler New York. The ambulance squad was since disbanded in 2007. 

     Historic Fire for the Company Include:

The 1946 Stover’s Mill fire in Blooming Glen; a fire was fought by 150 men, but destroyed the mill and a two-story barn.

The 1988 Great Perkasie Fire

At center; Elmer Kriebel, whom has served 70 years with DFC

(Chief Kevin Nugent to his left, President/Past Chief Phil Meyers to his right)

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