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A firefighter at a volunteer fire company is responsible for responding to emergency calls, extinguishing fires, and providing assistance to those in need. They also participate in regular training exercises to maintain their skills and knowledge, may assist with community outreach and education programs. Overall, their job is to protect and serve their community by responding to emergencies and providing support whenever necessary.

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Lady's Auxiliary Member

The Lady's Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who support the fire department by providing assistance with fundraising, organizing events, and offering moral support to firefighters and their families. They play a crucial role in helping the department fulfill its mission of protecting the.

Volunteer as an

Exterior Firefighter

An exterior firefighter is responsible for providing support to the interior firefighters during a fire emergency. They work outside the building, ensuring that the fire does not spread and that the interior have a safe and secure environment to work in. They also assist with setting up equipment and tools needed for the firefighting operation. This level of firefighting requires less certification.

Donate to Our Fund Drive

Donating to the fund drive for a volunteer fire department is crucial for ensuring the safety and well-being of your community. Volunteer fire departments rely heavily on donations to maintain their equipment, train their firefighters, and provide emergency services. By donating, you are directly contributing to the safety and protection of your community, and helping to ensure that the volunteer fire department can continue to provide essential services when they are needed most.

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Associate Member

An associate member of a volunteer fire company is a non-operational member who supports the fire company in various ways. They may assist with fundraising, community outreach, administrative tasks, and other non-emergency duties. While they do not participate in firefighting operations, their contributions are essential to the success of the fire company and the safety of the community.

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Board Member

A board member at a volunteer fire company is responsible for overseeing the organization's financial and administrative operations. They work closely with other board members and the fire chief to ensure that the fire is running smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, they may be involved in fundraising efforts and community outreach programs to support the fire company's mission. Board members must be an active member of the organization for 1 year to eligible. Theses are elected positions.


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