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Tanker 23

1994 Peterbilt - 4Guys


Tanker 23 is used for a water supply source in areas where there are no fire hydrants. It carries a crew of 2 and 3500 gallons of water for firefighting. The water is dumped via the rear or side discharge (all from inside the cab) in 90 seconds. The water is usually put into a folding tank (called a Port-A-Pond) so the tanker can shuttle more water.

Pump: 750 Gal. / Min
Tank: 3500 Gallons
Other: Rear & Side Dumps


  • 3500 Gallon Port-a-Pond

  • Lo-Pro Strainer

  • Breathing Apparatus (2)

  • Misc. Hoses

  • 15' 6" Hard Suction Hose

  • Jet Siphon

  • Hydrant Bag

  • Multiple Hose Adapters

  • Hand Tools

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